School Safety: New Year, New Review

schoolbusAs the first day of school approaches, families across Ventura County will prepare for the beginning of a new semester. In the midst of buying new backpacks, pencil boxes and school clothes, August is also a great time for families to review some basic safety rules with their students. Gold Coast Signal 88 Security is committed to a safe school year and has put together some talking points for parents to use with children of all-ages.

Elementary: Start safety discussions young. Make sure your youngest students know who to trust should they need help – teachers, nurse, principal, etc.

  • Remind kids to obey crossing guards and to be cautious, especially during arrival and dismissal.
  • Let your children know if they’ll be picked up, will be walking or riding the bus. Make sure they know where to locate their ride, if necessary.
  • Parents, this one is for you: make sure emergency contact information is up-to-date and immunizations are current.

Middle School: Unfortunately, bullying can be an issue, especially among this age group. Nationally, about 70 percent of young people report they’ve seen bullying occur in their schools. But, when bystanders step in, physical bullying stops within 10 seconds nearly 60 percent of the time, according to

  • Teach your kids how to identify bullying by letting them know what it is and giving them examples. Also, point it out to them when you see bullying on TV or in a book so that they learn to identify it when it happens.
  • Make it clear to your children that they can talk to you if they are being bullied and that you will take it seriously.
  • Don’t assume the bullying is only occurring at school. Cyberbullies can target kids via text message and social media 24-7. Save text messages and take photos of anything on social media so that you have evidence if you need it.

High School: As young drivers may be navigating school zones for the first time, review the basic rules of the road.

  • According to Consumer Reports, drivers should never pass a school bus that is stopped to load or unload children; it is illegal in all 50 states.
  • Keep in mind that roads near schools may have slower speed limits during arrival and dismissal times than during non-school hours. Obey those posted speed limits – it’ll save you a ticket and ensure students are as safe as possible.
  • The NHTSA reports that 23 million students in the U.S. take a bus to or from school. The greatest risk is not in riding the bus, but as children get on and off. They may or may not be paying proper attention, so it’s important drivers take necessary precautions.

Signal 88 can customize security plans for local schools, events and neighborhoods. If we can help make the 2014-2015 year safer, please give us a call.

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Vehicle Patrols Provide Solutions to a Variety of Security Issues

You’ve probably seen them around town: the roving patrol vehicles that Signal 88 Security is known for. But what differentiates Signal 88 from other companies that you may be Signal-88-Security-Boise_267786_imagefamiliar with? The answer is fairly simple; we rely on the latest technology and high-quality officers to provide revolutionary security services in our community, and local Signal 88 Security owners are doing the same all across the country.

When meeting with businesses, shopping complexes, apartments, construction sites and residential customers, we are always sure to point out what makes our services superior to the rest of the private security industry. Many of them aren’t familiar with our roving patrol model, and are surprised to hear how effective our Inteliguide technology can be for producing randomized patrol routes and ensuring all of our properties receive the best security presence possible.

Here are the top 5 reasons Signal 88 Security patrols are superior:

1. They are the most cost-effective method of providing security at one or multiple client sites

2.  GPS-tracked vehicles, with time and date stamped electronic reports provide peace of mind and verification.

3.  Signal 88 Security’s roving patrol vehicles are the strongest visual deterrent available within the private security industry.

4. Patrol officers are able to create immediate reports and are available to respond to situations as necessary.

5. Randomized patrol routes are constantly changing, meaning would-be criminals can’t identify a routine or know when to expect an officer.

In select cases, we know a roving patrol isn’t the right solution, and we also offer a wide variety of other options including dedicated officers, event security and virtual monitoring, For more information about how we can help keep your business or residence secure, be sure to visit our website or give us a call at 844.SIGNAL88 or 844.744.6258.

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National Safety Month – Tips for a Safe Summer

national safety month

June is National Safety Month, and a great time to review precautions that will keep you and your family safe into the summer months and beyond. According to FBI data, property crimes such as burglary, property theft and motor vehicle theft have risen as much as 9 percent between May and September over the past five years – the highest percentage in the calendar year.

To combat this trend, Gold Coast Signal 88 Security encourages residents to take a few precautions to protect their property. We recommend focusing on three areas of your home to keep yourself and your property safe this season.


  • Make sure dead-bolt locks are installed on all outside doors. They should not require a key from inside so that they’re easy to unlock if you need to get out quickly in case of a fire or other emergency.
  • Install peepholes on your outside doors so you don’t have to open them to see who’s on the other side. If your outside door has window panels on the side, cover them with blinds or curtains to keep out unwanted eyes.
  • Keep your blinds or curtains closed when you’re not home, especially on your main or ground-level floor.
  • If you have a sliding glass door, consider adding a defense other than the standard lock, such as blocking the track or installing a protective film that prevents the glass door from being smashed in.


  • Trim bushes and maintain landscaping to avoid creating unwanted hiding places for would-be intruders.
  • The exterior of your property should be well lit. Consider installing motion detector lights.
  • Be on the lookout for graffiti tags and vandalism, and fix it as soon as it happens by replacing signs, painting over it or making repairs as necessary.
  • Report suspicious activity to your property manager, HOA or local law enforcement.

Where You Park:

  • Always lock your vehicle, roll up widows and keep valuables out of sight, no matter where you park. This includes everything from high-dollar items, such as your cell phone or laptop, down to the change in your cup holder.
  • In any parking lot, park under a light, if possible.
  • If you have a garage door, always close it. Open garages are an invitation for thieves to steal tools and other valuables.
  • Lock the door from your garage to your home, and remove your garage door opener from your car if you need to park outside overnight.

For more details or to watch an informational video on increasing the security of your property during the summer months, visit or give us a call at 844.SIGNAL88 (844.744.6258).

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Getting to Know Gold Coast Signal 88 Security

Who We Are:

Opening June 2014, Gold Coast Signal 88 Security is pleased to offer professional security services to businesses and residents in Oxnard, Ventura, Camarillo and the surrounding area. Gold Coast Signal 88 Security is part of the national franchise group Signal 88 Security, which was founded by law enforcement professionals in Omaha, Neb., in 2003. The meaning behind its name comes from Nebraska police code, where Signal 88 means “situation secure.” The mission of the entire Signal 88 Security organization is to revolutionize and establish a higher standard of professionalism in the security industry.

About the Founder:

Anthony B. Sanchez

Anthony B. Sanchez

After spending more than two decades in the private security industry, Anthony B. Sanchez, determined to create a higher standard for the security industry, decided to open his own security company. During the planning phase, Anthony met the team at the national franchise group Signal 88 Security. It was after an extensive vetting process that both Anthony and Signal 88 Security decided that their vision for what the security industry should be, how security officers should be trained and the level of service security clients should expect where in line with each other. Gold Coast Signal 88 Security was born.

Believing in the mission, Anthony resigned his position as an executive with a global security company to open Gold Coast Signal 88 Security. Anthony brings his extensive background, which includes, military and private security experience and puts Signal 88 Security in the position to provide superior service to businesses and residents within the community.

Additionally, Anthony is an expert in creating and implementing security plans and managing teams of security officers. ASIS International has designated Sanchez as a Certified Protection Professional, the security profession’s highest recognition for practitioners.

Anthony is a United States Marine Corps Veteran, having served as a corrections specialist and military police officer. He is a graduate of the United States Naval Corrections Academy and the United States Marine Corps Military Police Academy. He holds a Master’s degree in Strategic Communication and Leadership from Seton Hall University and a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Administration.

What We Do:

Gold Coast Signal 88 Security uses state-of-the art technology to provide dependable, quality service at a competitive price. Its clients have many options for protecting their property, personnel and assets including:

  • Well-marked, highly-visible patrol vehicles conduct roving patrol services in Oxnard, Ventura, Camarillo and the surrounding area. This is the most cost-effective method of providing security at one or multiple client sites, including shopping malls, shopping centers, manufacturing centers, hotels and apartment complexes.
  • Dedicated site security is available as appropriate. Dedicated officers are highly trained and highly visible and can be a crime deterrent at schools, hospitals, events and retail locations.
  • Gold Coast Signal 88 Security’s protection strategies can also be customized for special events, foot patrol, pool lock-ups, guard shack services, and controlled access.

Contact Gold Coast Signal 88 Security at 844.SIGNAL88/844.744.6258 or to create an effective strategy for your home, business or special event. We’re looking forward to protecting our community.

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